MU Spreads the Word to End the Word

MANSFIELD, PA— During the spring semester, Mansfield University participated in the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign, which is aimed toward raising awareness of the derogatory use of the R-word (retard or retarded) and its negative effects on people with intellectual disabilities, as well as their families and friends. 

Members of the campus community were invited to sign a banner, pledging to help spread the word to end the word.

The MU event was held in collaboration with Partners in Progress, the not-for-profit corporation and one of the most comprehensive service providers to teens and adults with intellectual and other disabilities in Tioga County.

Their mission statement is, “Partners in Progress empowers individuals with disabilities to succeed.” Partners in Progress has multiple different programs that all help individuals with disabilities become part of their community.

Taylor Chidester, an intern at Partners in progress, with the help of two Mansfield University Social Work students, Anna Huber and Samantha Orr, organized the event.

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