Four Mansfield University ROTC Cadets Receive Housing Waivers

MANSFIELD, PA – Four ROTC freshman cadets have been awarded a one-year competitive housing waiver for the 2018-19 academic year.  Mansfield University and ROTC collaborated to create the new housing waiver as an incentive for high-achieving incoming freshman interested in Mansfield University’s ROTC program. The leadership in ROTC has been able to dramatically increase their recruitment for the current academic year because of initiatives like this and the unique training opportunities they have incorporated.

From left to right: Dr. John Ulrich, Interim Provost; Brayden Gabel; Kaitlyn Tinari; Micaiah Welch; Timothy Saar; Dr. Joshua Battin, Interim Dean; LTC Jonathon Britton, Bald Eagle Battalion.

Recipients of this years housing waiver are:

  • Brayden Gabel, from Slidell, Louisiana. Brayden is a Political Science major with a concentration in international security. The unique international security program, and the chance to travel to a new part of the country attracted him to MU. ROTC will offer him the opportunity to travel after graduation. Brayden is also member of the sprint football team.
  • Timothy Saar, an Early Childhood Education major from Jersey Shore, PA. Tim is looking forward to the challenges ROTC will offer.
  • Kaitlyn Tinari, from Schuylkill Haven, PA. Kaitlyn is a  Business Administration major with a concentration in accounting from Schuykill Haven, PA. Kaitlyn was attracted to the ROTC program after learning about it at orientation. She hopes to develop her leadership skills through the program.
  • Micaiah Welch, from Tioga, PA. Micaiah is a dual major in Secondary Education with a concentration in math, and Biology. Micaiah is carrying on a family tradition; her dad and uncle both serve in the armed forces. She hopes to serve as an aviation officer after graduation.

ROTC at Mansfield University is a part of the Bald Eagle Battalion,  led by LTC Jonathon Britton. ROTC prepares students for military service as commissioned officers in the active Army, or part time in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard. Scholarship first-year students and non-scholarship first and second-year students may enroll on a trial basis with no commitment to the military.

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