Mansfield University Public Safety Training Institute Expands Educational Opportunities

MANSFIELD, PA– Mansfield University’s Public Safety Training Institute (MUPSTI) has scheduled new training courses and seminars for the upcoming months. Offerings include Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) provided active assailant training, ARIDE, Glock Armor’s Course, Initial EMT training, Basic Photography, and Blood Splatter Analysis.

MUPSTI was established in spring 2018 as a regional training center for public safety professionals. The institute offers federal, state, and municipal continuing education opportunities, hands-on training, and initial and continuing development for criminal justice practitioners, first responders, and related professionals.

Chief Scott Henry, Director of Mansfield University Police Services and Safety, states, “It is our intent to provide premier education within the various first responder disciplines, not only for the students of Mansfield University, but to our practitioners currently working with those disciplines that encompass our region.  To date collaborations have occurred with many individuals and agencies within those fields, as well as collaborations with a number of our elected officials, thus enhancing training opportunities and equipment inventory to meet training and educational needs.  It is our intent and our vision to continue this enhancement, thus making the Mansfield University Public Safety Training Institute the premier location within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to receive these training and educational opportunities within the arena of public safety.”

MUPSTI has brought practitioners to Mansfield University from Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and from all over the state of Pennsylvania. Former courses and seminars include Simunitions, Close Quarter Battle, Stop-the-Bleed, CPR/First Aid, Standard Field Sobriety Testing, DNA Analysis, and Latent Prints.

Dr. Joshua Battin, Interim Associate Dean of Faculty, states, “it is our mission to deliver enhanced learning opportunities for students, as well as those working in the field.” He notes that “MUPTSI provides critical training needs that enhance the capabilities of our practitioners and offer unique experiential learning opportunities for our students.” Through MUPTSI, students have the opportunity to network with potential employers while receiving hands-on training and advice from professionals in their fields of interest.

Mansfield University’s Public Safety Training Institute offers initial law enforcement and security training with Pennsylvania’s Act 120 Municipal Police Academy and Act 235 Lethal Weapons Training. Mansfield University’s Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration also incorporates the Pennsylvania Act 120 certification. Financial aid, housing, and meal plans are available for those who wish to attend upcoming training courses and seminars.

For information regarding Mansfield University’s Public Safety Training Institute, please contact Chief Scott Henry at or 570-662-4895.