Mansfield University Public Safety Training Institute Graduates Cross-Trained EMTs


MANSFIELD, PA – Eleven police officers graduated from an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program offered by the Mansfield University Public Safety Training Institute (MUPSTI) on Thursday, December 13.  The officers included 6 Troopers of the Pennsylvania State Police Special Emergency Response Team (SERT), 4 recent graduates of the Mansfield University Act 120 Police Academy, and one officer from the Mansfield University Police Department.

The officers successfully completed 210 hours of classroom and practical training over a 6-week period.

MUPSTI EMT Graduates

After completing the EMT certification process, these officers will be cross-trained as police officers and EMTs.  Police officers are often the first to respond to incidents involving injuries.  Cross training allows the officers to begin life-saving measures while awaiting the arrival of additional medical personnel.

Scott Henry, Director of the Public Safety Training Institute stated, “Our law enforcement officers are often the first to arrive at emergency situations. We believe – at MUPSTI – that our public safety practitioners should be trained in a variety of disciplines and skillsets and this EMT class was an example of that. These officers will not necessarily be working as EMTs during their careers, but they will be able to apply the advanced training they received at a moment’s notice in the field, while also bringing their unique knowledge back to their agency.”

“Cross training among practitioners, such as this, creates a more efficient emergency management system, where everyone has their primary duties in particular situations, but also has extensive knowledge in other areas to assist when needed,” said Dr. Joshua Battin, Interim Associate Dean of Faculty. “This is especially important in rural communities when assistance is needed in remote locations.”

The training was made possible by a generous grant from Shell Appalachia and from financial support provided by the Tioga County Commissioners.  Support for the class was provided by Tioga County Emergency Management Services, UPMC, and Mansfield Fire and Ambulance.

The Mansfield University Public Safety Training Institute is dedicated to providing critical training for the enhancement of public safety.