MU President Notifies Campus Community of Possible Changes

TO: Faculty, Staff and Students
FROM:  President Fran Hendricks

Mansfield University has notified local Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) leaders that some positions may be affected in Mansfield University’s continuing effort to align degree program offerings with the changing needs of students and the Commonwealth.

The contract with the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) requires universities in the State System to notify the union by Aug. 1 about possible retrenchment of positions that might occur at the end of the next academic year. The decision whether to actually eliminate any positions next year would be made as early as October.

We are continuing to look at our program areas to ensure relevance and anticipate the needs of current and future students as we help them prepare for their future. This is all part of our strategic plan and a way of taking a pro-active role in defining our future as a small liberal arts university.

Our Chancellor, Frank Brogan, sums up our vision and direction on a System wide level in a statement this morning:
“Each and every one of our universities is making strategic decisions now that will ensure relevance, quality, and vitality well into the future. The institutions continue to examine their existing program offerings and the talented faculty who provide the expertise to deliver those programs. The State System is evolving so it can meet the future needs of our students and the Commonwealth.”

“The universities are making choices about which degree programs and support services best contribute to the vision and mission of each institution. While programmatic changes could impact some faculty and staff now, the exponential effect of these efforts will enable the universities to anticipate the needs of our students in the years ahead.” 

“To be clear, this kind of program alignment is not solely a response to declining resources; it is an essential action taken to ensure that each university and the entire State System remain current in addressing the needs of students and their place in our global society and marketplace.”

At Mansfield University, we are committed to our students’ preparation for their life’s journey. The array of our offerings will be aligned to anticipate the needs of our students and our relevance to the Commonwealth.

As your president, I want to assure you that we will keep the campus informed of each step in the decision-making process during these times of both challenge and transformation.