Plan to Address Structural Deficit Announced

MANSFIELD, PA— Facing ongoing structural deficits and funding shortfalls, Mansfield University is finalizing plans to address the situation and ensure the continued sustainability of the university while maintaining the quality of its academic programs.

MU has experienced structural deficits for over a decade. In 2015-2016, the university balanced its $7.8 million deficit through the use of reserves and operational efficiencies.

Going forward, the University will continue to use reserves and operational efficiencies, coupled with employee furloughs to address the fiscal need.

“The University must be fiscally sound while we continue to build on our enrollment and retention efforts,” Controller Scott Barton said.

Mansfield University is currently at the top of the state system in percentage increase of applications and deposits for incoming freshman for fall 2016, MU President Fran Hendricks added.

The projected shortfall for 2016-2017 is $5.1 million. If left unchecked, the shortfall is projected to exceed $10 million through 2018.

“These are very difficult decisions affecting people’s lives,” Hendricks said. “Each employee is valuable to the University, but fiscal needs demand we make these difficult and painful decisions.”

The President’s Cabinet is evaluating the current workforce, studying positions and the responsibilities associated with them to determine how the university can balance functional needs in its fiscally constrained environment. Discussions with the affected unions and non-represented staff will take place in the days ahead.

“These will be challenging times and I’m confident we will respond to meet these challenges to assure the financial health and future of our University,” Hendricks said.