President Hendricks Awards Coins for Excellence as Final Act

MANSFIELD, PA— In his final official act as president of Mansfield University on August 18, Fran Hendricks awarded a Presidential Coin for Excellence to 27 faculty, staff, retired staff and community members “with my gratitude for their excellence in the performance of their duties in support of Mansfield University.”

The following individuals, and the coin number they received, will be honored with the Mansfield University Presidential Coin for Excellence:

Adrianne McEvoy (#55), associate professor of Philosophy

Jonathan Rothermel (#56), associate professor of History & Political Science

Jeff Bosworth (#57), associate professor of History & Political Science

Scott Davis (#58), professor of Chemistry

Ryan Wood (#59), manager of Campus Services

Pam Boyce (#60), executive assistant to the President

Gretchen Sechrist (#61), associate professor of Philosophy, Department chair

Lori Cass (#62), registrar

Carmen Wood (#63), associate director Of Employee Relations & Compensation

Mr. Chris Gitchell (#64), custodial worker

Mrs. Chris Gitchell (#65), custodial worker

Casey Wood (#66), director of University Marketing

Diane Monkiewicz (#67), retired field hockey coach

Christine Fry (#68), director of Education Relations & Field Experiences

Brian Townsend (#69), maintenance repairman

Pam Kathcart (#70), director of Student Financial Aid

Marie Domench (#71), director of Center for International Cooperation and Exchange

Edgard Domenech (#72), director of Campus Mail Services

Cindy Kerr (#73), statistician, Institutional Research

Rene Potter (#74), controller

Paul Delosa (#75), supervisor, Police Services & Safety

Joshua Battin (#76), associate professor of Criminal Justice, Department chair

Gopalan Kutty (#77), professor of Business Administration, Department chair

John Ulrich (#78), dean of College of Arts & Humanities

Nancy Sidell (#79), dean of College of Natural & Social Sciences

Brad Lint (#80), assistant professor of English, US-China Exchange coordinator

Tom Freeman (#81), regional manager, Blue Ridge Communications

The coin was developed by Hendricks and designed by MU Senior Graphics Designer Andy Worthington. It bears several symbols representing historical highlights and other aspects of the university that make it distinctive.

For more information on the Mansfield University Presidential Coin for Excellence and to see the gallery of honorees, go to