Education/Special Education Majors Participate in Workshop

MANSFIELD, PA— Erica Powell and Charlsie Bowen, both Early Childhood and Special Education majors at Mansfield University, recently attended a workshop with Professor and Department Chair Nanci Werner-Burke at Intermediate Unit 17 in Canton, PA.Erica Powell and Charlsie Bowen

The workshop focused on integrating computational thinking into the K-5 curriculum.  Participants had the opportunity to learn about computer programming and coding.  Working alongside public school teachers from across the region, each took turns leading groups as they explored digital and “unplugged” teaching and learning activities.  Concepts such as decomposition, abstraction, and algorithms were a main focus during the event.

“Charlsie and Erica were a part of the Hour of Code, when they were students in my Integrating the Arts class,” Werner-Burke said. “When the opportunity arose to extend that learning through this workshop, they were up for the challenge.  As technology becomes more advanced and accessible, teachers need to be able to knowledgeably support students to use it to create instead of just being passive consumers.  Coding is just one aspect of that area, and we are increasingly incorporating this strand into teacher preparation at Mansfield University.”

Both students will be student teaching in the spring semester.

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