Mansfield University Offers New Degree Programs

MANSFIELD, PA – The Chancellor’s Office of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education has approved several new degree programs to be offered by Mansfield University.  The new programs include an Associate of Science in Business Administration, an Associate of Science in Chemical Technology, an Associate of Applied Science in Health Education, an Associate of Science in Substance Use and Behavior Disorder Counseling, and a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care.  In addition, the Chancellor’s Office has approved a newly reorganized program, an Associate of Applied Science in Environmental Technology, with an optional concentration in Safety Management. The university has also recently reactivated its Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems.

“Thanks to the tireless efforts of Dr. Ulrich, the deans, and our faculty, Mansfield University is moving forward preparing students for the demands of our region,”  said Interim President, Mr. Peter C. Fackler. “I truly appreciate the work that has been done to establish these new programs.”

“These new programs are the culmination of a curricular development process that involved gathering considerable input from our region’s stakeholders, including business and industry leaders, health care providers, and community organizations,” said Dr. John M. Ulrich, Interim Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs.  “Mansfield University is committed to providing opportunities that help our region meet its educational and workforce needs. Our institution is very grateful for the input and support provided by our regional community as we developed these new programs, and I am personally thankful as well for all of the hard work our faculty members, department chairs, and program directors devoted to this process.”

“In addition to providing a two-year educational pathway, our new associate-level programs are carefully designed so that students will also have the option of continuing on to the corresponding four-year degree program in that department,” said Dr. Ulrich.

Offered by the Department of Business Administration, the Associate of Science in Business Administration offers an educational pathway for students seeking a two-year credential as an entry point into business-related careers.  The program provides students with a solid foundation in the principles of accounting, management, marketing, and finance, as well as instruction in data analysis, business applications of computer technology, and business law. The program’s online option is intended to appeal to working adults who are interested in earning an associate’s degree to further their careers.

Offered by the Department of Chemistry and Physics, the Associate of Science in Chemical Technology focuses on developing knowledge and skills in both chemistry and mathematics, integrating laboratory technical training and theory with computer and mathematics skills to enable career progression in technical fields.  The program ensures that students gain as much experience as possible in measurement, laboratory procedures, instrumentation, and data manipulation across organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and physical science, while also providing a foundation in the mathematics and computer skills needed to process and record results.  This configuration of requirements prepares students well for entry-level positions where the associate’s degree in Chemical Technology is the minimum required credential.

The Associate of Applied Science in Health Education, offered by the Department of Health Sciences, provides students with a basic background in the rapidly growing field of health education. As health educators, graduates will encourage healthy lifestyles and wellness by educating individuals and communities about behaviors that can prevent diseases, injuries, and other health problems.  This program is ideal for students seeking health-related careers that are not strongly science based, focusing instead on how to educate clients to make healthy life choices. Health educators work in medical settings, colleges and universities, public health departments, nonprofit organizations, and private businesses.

Offered by the Department of Social Work, the Associate of Science in Substance Use and Behavior Disorder Counseling prepares graduates to help prevent substance abuse, to counsel those with substance abuse issues, and to perform the necessary intervention techniques. The curriculum emphasizes professional and ethical standards, communication skills, basic counseling skills, interviewing techniques, record-keeping procedures, and resource advocacy practices. The program culminates in a 12-credit field experience during which students will integrate their newly learned knowledge and skills with fieldwork in a real-world practical setting.

The Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care, offered by the Department of Health Sciences in collaboration with Guthrie, will replace the existing Associate of Applied Science in Respiratory Therapy.  As part of the transition process, both the associate-level program and the baccalaureate-level program will accept new students for Fall 2019 enrollment; after Fall 2019, however, the associate program will be phased out and replaced by the bachelor’s program.  The transition to a baccalaureate-level program is necessary due to the changing standards and expectations of the American Association of Respiratory Care and the Commission for Accreditation of Respiratory Care. Both of these organizations now expect respiratory care programs to offer the bachelor’s credential.

Offered by the Department of Geosciences, the Associate of Applied Science in Environmental Technology features a hands-on, field-based approach to environmental remediation.  Students will master environmental procedures such as sampling, assessment, design, determining results, recording, and analysis. Experiential learning and environmental problem solving are emphasized in both the lab and the field.  Students interested in focusing on workplace safety may choose the optional Safety Management concentration.

Offered by the Department of Mathematics and Computer and Information Science, the reactivated Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems focuses on the system and business aspects of computing.  Students gain a thorough introduction to the key principles of information systems and to the application of those principles. With proficiency in programming using a high-level language, as well as an understanding of data structures and the dynamic nature of the information systems field, students are well prepared for entry-level positions requiring an associate-level credential.

All of the programs listed above are now active.  The AAS Health Education and BS Respiratory Care programs will accept applications for Fall 2019 enrollment, while the other programs are accepting applications for enrollment immediately.  To apply, please visit