Mansfield University Receives $1 Million Grant for Merit Scholarships

MANSFIELD, PA – Pennsylvania’s 2019-20 fiscal budget, which was signed by Governor Tom Wolf on June 28th, included the renewal of $1 million in grant funding to provide merit scholarships to Mansfield University students. The appropriation was secured by Senator Joe Scarnati, and reflects an increase from the previous $500,000 appropriation.

“Throughout the 2019-2020 state budget negotiations I was pleased to be a strong advocate for additional financial support for scholarship funding at Mansfield University,” Senator Scarnati said. “This worthwhile investment will allow Mansfield University to provide educational opportunities to many deserving students. Mansfield has undoubtedly had a positive impact upon our region and we must work together to ensure their success for years to come.”

Mansfield University President Charles Patterson praised Senator Scarnati for his effort. “On behalf of the university community, I would like to thank Senator Scarnati on his commitment to ensuring that we continue to provide an affordable, accessible education to Pennsylvania residents.”

The scholarship funds, designated as “Pennsylvania Student Success Awards”, are provided to undergraduate Pennsylvania students of merit, enrolled at Mansfield University at least half-time, who have exhausted all other sources of financial aid left with significant outstanding balances. The amount of the award is determined through an approved formula that takes into consideration the student’s outstanding balance and cumulative grade point average.

In 2017-2018 the university awarded the entire appropriation of $500,000 to assist 162 students to continue or complete their education at Mansfield University. For the current fiscal year, the appropriation is expected to serve more than 200 students.

“The funding for merit based scholarships will help make sure that anyone who wants to attend Mansfield University can do so, regardless of financial background,” said President Patterson. “When students come to Mansfield University, we want them to be part of our inclusive campus community. Residing in Mansfield’s affordable, modern housing on campus allows students to thrive as they are fully-engaged in both their academic pursuits and campus life.”