More First-Time Students and Better Affordability as Mansfield University begins Academic Year

MANSFIELD, PA – Mansfield University welcomed the arrival of hundreds of first-year students and their families on campus on Thursday, August 22 for move-in day.  This year’s move-in day was a bit busier than in previous years. The university is enjoying a sizable increase of enrolled first-time students. Enrollment among first-time students has increased 35% over last year at the same time.

New and returning students will also see a drop in the price of their tuition bill, thanks to a revamped and cost-saving tuition model. While students nationwide are incurring more financial debt for their college education, the university made a commitment to make changes that lessen the financial burden, making Mansfield one of the most affordable choices in the state. The university changed from a per-credit tuition model to a flat-rate tuition model. The flat-rate model allows students to take 12-18 credits, at a flat fee. Pennsylvania residents taking 15 credits this semester will see savings over 18% from last year’s tuition.  Out of state students will also enjoy tuition savings. Residents from our neighbors in the Southern Tier and all of New York and New Jersey will save significantly over last year’s rate, as the university has re-introduced a reduced tuition plan for our neighboring states.

In addition to the tuition savings, the university has also reduced the cost of on-campus housing. For example, the cost for a standard 2-person suite with a private bathroom and micro-fridge has been reduced by over 20%. Fees have also been frozen at last year’s rates.

“We’re really focused on accessibility and affordability for the region and for the state. As a destination campus, and on the affordability front, we’ve reduced the cost for students to live in our residence halls. When they come to Mansfield University, we want them to be part of an inclusive campus community, and for them to afford to live on campus is very important to us,” said Mansfield University President Charles Patterson.

The university also received a $1million grant for merit scholarships as part of the 2019-2020 state budget. The scholarships, called “Pennsylvania Student Success Awards” are provided to undergraduate Pennsylvania students of merit, enrolled at Mansfield University at least half-time, who have exhausted all other sources of financial aid left with significant outstanding balances.

President Patterson noted that Mansfield is ready to move forward.  “We’ll continue to grow in the coming years as we position Mansfield University to serve the region as one of the most affordable state universities,” he concluded.

Classes at Mansfield University officially start on Monday, August 26.