Mansfield University holds 155th Fall Commencement

MANSFIELD, PA— Mansfield University celebrated its 155th fall commencement on Saturday, December 14, at Decker Gymnasium.

Dr. Charles Patterson, President of Mansfield University, opened his remarks by congratulating the graduating class on their academic success. Patterson then praised the hard work and dedication of the faculty. “Collectively, they are the heart and soul of this University.”

Dr. Charles Patterson

“Each graduate will have his or her own story about a professor whose inspiration and interest that influenced that student’s success, not only in college, but in ways that will influence them more as the future unfolds,” Patterson said. “Caring faculty, committed to the success of students, are a hallmark of Mansfield University.”

Dr. Lee Wright, professor emeritus of Communication, was the keynote speaker. Wright, a 1982 graduate of Mansfield, served at the university for 25 years.

Dr. Lee Wright

“My overall message to you today is, even as you are graduating, don’t stop learning and growing,” Wright said to the graduating class. He urged them to continue their growth and to be intellectually curious, and socially and interpersonally curious. “By being intellectually curious, and socially and interpersonally curious, you can grow by learning new things, give help to others and yourself through social involvement, and make new friendships through interpersonal interaction.” Dr. Wright concluded, “Today as you cross the stage, you’ll be stepping into the shoes for the walk of the rest of your life. Continue to learn. Therefore, to this graduating class of 2019, I say once a Mountie, always a Mountie, and the best of luck to all of you. Be kind to one another.”

Also, during Commencement, Chelsea Thomas ‘20 represented the Council of Trustees and introduced Dr. Wright, President Bryan Lane ’88 represented the Alumni Association, and President Seungho Lee ’20 represented the Student Government Association.

The Mountaineer Brass Band, conducted by Dr. Nathan Rinnert, provided musical accompaniment for the event. Music major Ms. Molly Cerep was soloist.  Campus Minister Ms. Mara Wilcox delivered the invocation.

Dr. Gretchen Sechrist served as grand marshal and introduced Dr. Patterson. Professor Scott Davis was herald.