Mansfield University Municipal Police Academy graduates 18 in 37th class

The 37th Mansfield University Municipal Police Academy Class

MANSFIELD, Pa. – 18 cadets graduated from the 37th class of the Mansfield University Municipal Police Academy.

“This class of cadets committed themselves to the hard work and dedication necessary to fulfill the requirements of this well-respected academy,” said Dr. Charles Patterson, President of Mansfield University. “These rigorous months of training and study have prepared our graduates to become leaders within their communities for many years to come. I extend my congratulations and best wishes to the 37th Municipal Police Academy class.”

The 2020 graduating class included:

Amanda J. Barnes, Howard, PA

Loretta Clark, Williamsport, PA

Jamie L. DeSanto, Williamsport, PA

Marena Geiser, Wellsboro, PA

Ericka M. Heath, Lycoming County

Dalton T. Lovell, Linden, PA

Lauren Aubrey Lucas, Lock Haven, PA

Blaina M. Martin, Middleburg, PA

Samuel D. Pollock, York, PA

Christopher G. Pratt, Wellsboro, PA

Thomas A. Roberts, Bradford County

Charles Schwab, Williamsport, PA

Justin M. Slomian, Mansfield, PA

Brandon Lee Wheeler, Mill Hall, PA

Jade Michelle Whipple, Montoursville, PA

Andrew S. Whitehead, Canton, PA

Brian R. Yoas, South Williamsport, PA

Caitlyn M. Yonkin, Montoursville, PA

Charles Schwab received the Christine Shegan Top Academic award as well as the Keith Graver Top Firearms award with Ericka Heath earning the James Fox Top Driver award. Loretta Clark and Samuel Pollock were presented with the Barbara Butcher Top Physical Fitness awards.

“The graduates of the 37th Mansfield University Municipal Police Academy class excelled in all areas, including Commonwealth standards, academy academic standards, and Commonwealth certification standards,” explained Henry. “This excellence not only reflects the focus and determination of each student but shows perseverance in the difficult times forced upon all by the COVID-19 pandemic. The students and staff met and excelled in meeting this demanding challenge.

“My sincere gratitude to all members of the 37th class and staff for their commitment, and I take the strong position that this determination and educational foundation will reflect positively as these students move forward into the law enforcement agencies of our communities.”

The Mansfield University Police Academy was certified in 1977 and graduated its first class in 1978. The 25-week academy requires 919 hours of instruction and development of personal skills. Graduation from a certified Act 120 academy is required to become a municipal police officer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The curriculum includes criminal law and investigation, vehicle code, accident investigation, first aid and CPR, operation of patrol vehicle, crisis management, defensive tactics, and firearms. In addition to Chief Henry and Thompson, 27 other instructors from a variety of law enforcement organizations and other related entities are involved in the cadets’ training. Learn more about the Mansfield University Municipal Police Academy at