Mansfield University wins The American Prize in Choral Performance for 2021

The Mansfield University Concert Choir, directed by Peggy Dettwiler, has been selected the 2021 winner of The American Prize in Choral Performance, in the college/university division (smaller program). The Concert Choir was selected from applications reviewed recently from all across the United States. The American Prize National Nonprofit Competitions in the Performing Arts is the nation’s most comprehensive series of non-profit competitions in the musical and theater arts, unique in scope and structure, designed to recognize and reward the best performing artists, ensembles and composers in the United States based on submitted recordings.

Mansfield’s award-winning entry was a recording of “From Despair to Hope”, performed at the 2018 ACDA-Eastern Regio Conference in Pittsburgh.

Director Peggy Dettwiler offered grateful praise to the 2018 Concert Choir. “I am thrilled to share the news that the Mansfield University Concert Choir has won the 2021 American Prize for the College/University Division (smaller program.) Thank you, especially, Concert Choir of 2018!”

Members of the 2018 Concert Choir included:

Sopranos: Quessa Brown, Molly Cerep, Marissa Fargnoli-Peterson, Emily Gally, Rachel Gardner, Megan George, Megan Gullone, Rachel Lehman, Lilia Lopez, Jessica Neidinger, Shannon Pizzirusso, Rosemary Wargo , Tayana Woodton, Cassie Zinkan

Alto: Kelly Allaire, Katie Black, Brielle Budway, Julie Cooper, Ellie Cuppett, Donavan Darienzo, Kara Fetter, Chloe Higgins, Madeline Hoover, Caroline Hutchison, Helen Isaacson, Hannah James, Jess Nistad, Alexandra Taylor, Mary Jane Warner

Tenor: Sean Andres, Matt Anson, Kyle Cannon, Michael Deshield, Ben Eisenhour, Jacob Foil-Charles, Jared Holmes, Joshua Kosek, Conner Newkam-Ulrich, Will Palmer, Adam Price, Nathan Shedd

Bass: Brady Bennett, Michael Carrasquillo, Nicholas J. Duffy, Robert Flora, Ben Kearns, Devon Lawson, Ryan McClain, Tom McCutcheon, Cole Ramsey, Dan Rodriguez, Dylan Sebring, Bill Stephens, John Tobey