Mansfield University voice students win recognition at NATS auditions

Photo by Grace Chamberlain

MANSFIELD, Pa. – Voice students from Mansfield University won recognition at two National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) virtual student auditions: the Allegheny Mountain Chapter (AMC) auditions in November, and the Central New York Finger Lakes Chapter (CNYFL) auditions in January.

The NATS is the largest association of singing teachers in the world with members in more than 25 countries. The student auditions are one of the major activities of each NATS chapter. Both the AMC and CNYFL auditions include around 150 entries from students around Pennsylvania and New York.

Two MU voice teachers, Todd Ranney, associate professor of voice and opera; and Alissa Rose, associate professor of music, entered students in the auditions. Both had student winners at the two competitions in which students competed against other students of similar age and experience levels. 

The top three winners in each category at the AMC NATS auditions were featured in a final concert at the end of auditions. This concert is available to watch online here:

The auditions are a great opportunity for students to receive feedback on their singing, hear other students from around the area, and expose themselves to a wide variety of repertoire. All students received comment sheets from judges, who are all voice teachers and NATS members.  

AMC NATS Winners:

  • Michaiah Watkins (First Year College/Independent Studio Treble)
  • Carter Route (First Year College/Independent Studio TBB
  • Marita Gattone (Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio Treble)
  • Deanna Mogianesi (Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio Treble)
  • Tyler Boyles (Third/Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio TBB)
  • Jay Falgo (Third/Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio TBB)
  • Matthew Merolla (Third/Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio TBB)
  • Carson Witherite (Third/Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio TBB)


  • Taylor Stevens, Third Place (Lower College/Independent Studio Treble)
  • Jay Falgo, Second Place (Upper College/Independent Studio TBB
  • Tyler Boyles, Third Place (Upper College/Independent Studio TBB)

CNYFL NATS Finalists:

  • Michaiah Watkins (Lower College/Independent Studio Treble
  • Carter Route (Lower College/Independent Studio TBB)
  • Deanna Mogianesi (Upper College/Independent Studio Treble)
  • Carson Witherite (Upper College/Independent Studio TBB)

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