MU Police Department to host Food for Fines Nov. 7-18

Poster with the text Food for Fines, November 7-18

The Mansfield University police department will hold its first “Food for Fines” food drive from November 7-18. Food donations will benefit the Mansfield Food Pantry and the Campus Cupboard.   

With Food for Fines, if an individual donates a minimum of five non-perishable or canned food items, they can get a current unpaid parking ticket dismissed. Food items can be donated at the University Police Station, 65 Clinton St, 104 Doane Center throughout the period.    

Food items that are in glass jars, damaged, opened, missing the label, or past expiration will not be able to be accepted. In order to count towards a ticket, canned items must be 10 oz or larger. Additionally, donations will not be valid for boot removals, ADA, or fire lane violations.    

The drive is open to all, not just those who currently have a ticket with the MU police department. All qualifying donations will be gladly accepted.