Mansfield seniors now career ready thanks to Career Boot Camp

By Abby Stoudt, marketing and communications assistant  

A student and an employer have a discussion at a table

BLOOMSBURG — Each semester, the Office of Alumni and Professional Engagement hosts a three-day Career Intensive Boot Camp at Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg’s Greenly Center in downtown Bloomsburg. Traditionally an event for Bloomsburg students, the integration of the Bloomsburg, Mansfield, and Lock Haven universities allowed the opportunity to open up to more students at all three campuses. This semester, three Mansfield seniors took the trip to Bloomsburg to spend a weekend to dive head-first into preparing for their future careers.  

The three students visiting from Mansfield were Hannah Carter, a forensic chemistry major from Selinsgrove, Olivia Lopez, a forensic chemistry major from Pottstown, and Zachary McCloskey, an information systems major from Mansfield.  

Carter signed up for the bootcamp in search of some advice and direction on moving into the professional world after college. “As a senior, I felt very lost when I thought about what to do after college,” said Carter. “I had been focusing so much on my academics, that the shift into professional life seemed daunting to me.”  

The bootcamp proved to be incredibly helpful to students in feeling prepared to not just handle the transition to a career after college, but in life in general. “My experience during the boot camp helped to give me the confidence to navigate the entire after-college transition,” said Lopez. “Not just in the career and job search, but with everything else that comes with it, like how to handle my student loans and other financial guidance.”   

Likewise, McCloskey also found some newfound confidence as he prepares for future interviews. “I feel like the interview experience we got over the weekend gave me more confidence for when I talk with future employers,” said McCloskey.  

Reflecting on the weekend, all three students agreed that getting to network and practice interviewing with fellow students and Bloomsburg alumni was their favorite part of the experience. “Meeting with alumni and other students was really helpful in giving me more networking experience,” said McCloskey. 

“I was able to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people from different departments,” said Carter. “It was really helpful to get to review my resume and interview skills with alumni who had already gone through these steps already.”  

The interviews with alumni were also incredibly helpful for Lopez, who said they were her favorite part of the whole weekend. “I was able to comfortably ask for advice and other questions that I had regarding resumes, references, and interview conduct during the mock one-on-one interviews.”  

For other students wondering if they should attend the next Career Intensive Boot Camp, McCloskey says that they should take advantage of this opportunity offered to them. “The boot camp was a great experience with a lot of valuable information to help with your future job search,” said McCloskey. “Other students should consider the opportunity so they can have an edge while they search for future employment.”