Chinese Students presented with Mansfield Diploma

MANSFIELD, PA— John Ulrich, interim dean of Arts and Sciences, and Brad Lint, assistant professor of English, represented Mansfield University at the 12th annual Sino-American 1+2+1 Program Graduation Ceremony and Conference, held this year on the Xiamen campus of Huaqiao University in Xiamen, China.(L-R) Ke Mu, Brad Lint, Hong Zhou,  Yangzhi Feng, John Ulrich, Xianjun Ke, Dong ChenUnder auspices of the 1+2+1 program, Chinese students conduct their first year of study at their home institution, their second and third years at a participating American university, and then their final year back at their home institution. After successfully completing all the graduation requirements, the students receive diplomas from both institutions.  

At the graduation ceremony on June 17, Ulrich presented MU diplomas to five Chinese students: Dong Chen, Computer Science, North China University; Yangzhi Feng, Business Administration, Yunnan University; Xianjun Ke, Computer Science, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications; Ke Mu, Business Administration, North China University; Hong Zhou, Business Administration, Changshu Institute of Technology.

Three other graduates were unable to attend the ceremony: Zhaokun Ning, Nutrition, Nanjing Agricultural University; Yihan Wu, Nutrition, Inner Mongolia University of Technology; Mr. Kaiqi Xu, Business Administration, Ningbo University of Technology.

In addition to participating in the graduation ceremony, Ulrich and Lint networked with representatives from Chinese institutions of higher education and attended a two-day conference at Huaqiao University that focused on ways to further develop mutual cooperation between universities in the U.S. and China.