Mansfield Biology Students Excel at State Meeting

MANSFIELD, PA— Ten Mansfield University Biology students gave research presentations, with three winning awards, at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists (CPUB) meeting hosted by MU on April 6-8. (L-R) Sara Pierce, Betsy Guerra-Flores, Jessica Towey, Laura West

Sara Pierce, advised by Assistant Professor Kristen Long, won first place in the Cell and Molecular Biology poster category for her presentation, “The Impact of the Misuse of Antibiotics on Staphylococcus epidermidis Resistance and Infectivity.”

Betsy Guerra-Flores, also advised by Long, took second place in Cell and Molecular Biology poster category with her poster, “Impacts of talcum powder on murine fibroblasts in vitro.”

Jessica Towey, advised by Professor Jeanne Kagle, won second place in the category of Cell and Molecular Biology oral presentation for her project, “A Molecular Profiling Approach to the Forensic Analysis of Soil.”

Other students and their presentations were:

Claire Bachman, advised by Clifford, “Chronic Unpredictable Stress and Ethanol Consumption in C57BL/6J Mice.”

Arthur Collier, advised by Long, “Proliferation gene expression profiles in pancreatic cancer.”

Deanna Lamphere, advised by Long, “The Effects of the Pesticide, Diazinon, on Immature Mouse Development.”

Rachael Sterner, advised by Kagle, “Toxicity of pharmaceuticals and personal care products on fibroblasts in vitro.”

Cherie Walters, advised by Long, “In vitro scratch assay: the effects of immune cells on wound healing.”

Laura West, advised by Kagle, “The Effects of Squalane Supplementation on the Growth of Rhodobacter sphaeroides.”

Nicole Wynne, advised by Long, “Evaluating the Impacts of Water Contaminants on Fibroblast Viability in vitro.”

Laura West was recognized as Mansfield’s Outstanding Biology Student at the meeting, which attracted 190 students and 70 faculty to the Mansfield campus.

Founded in 1973, CPUB provides support for the teaching and research activities of faculty and students in the biological sciences from the 14 universities in Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher.

The meeting was coordinated by MU Biology Professor and Department Chair Robert Maris.

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