Mansfield Student and Mother Co-author Book for Children

MANSFIELD, PA— “I have a passion for helping young children, and my mom has a passion for helping females and children, so we decided to combine those passions and write a book.”Micah Maxton and Shanon Skipworth

That is how Mansfield University junior Micah Maxton explains how she and her mother, Shanon Skipworth, co-authored and self-published Tamara Goes To School: Building Self-Esteem, a childrens book that raises awareness about issues such as self-esteem, body image, bullying, peer pressure, and other issues youth are facing in schools, homes and elsewhere.

Drawing inspiration from her mother’s female mentoring and empowerment program, “You’re Beautifully Made,” Maxton, a Business Administration major from Philadelphia, felt it was important to educate children and their parents facing issues in everyday life.

“I know a lot of children face issues in the home, or in school or their neighborhoods, and they may think they’re the only one’s facing those types of issues,” Maxton said. ‘”So we thought if we expose these things in a book, and let them know there are people to talk to and they’re not the only one going though these types of situations, we feel like they’ll be more comfortable talking to people and seeking help.”

And the book isn’t just for children subjected to treatment like bullying. Maxton hopes it also helps those who may be the bully.

“A lot of times, children who are doing the bullying don’t understand the effect their behavior has on other people,” she added.

Maxton and Skipworth already have plans to turn Tamara Goes To School into a series dealing with other topics, and while Tamara will always be the focus, other characters will be introduced in future books.

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