MU Honors Employees for Service and Dedication

MANSFIELD, PA— The annual Mansfield University Service Recognition Celebration was held on Thursday, April 11. Employees who have served MU for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years were honored. Faculty were recognized by academic year. People who have retired or will be retiring through summer 2019 were also recognized.

The following individuals were honored:

Ten years: Kristy Bramm, Timothy McAninch, Jolene Meisner, Daniel Moore, Stephen Plesac, John Pollock, Todd Ranney, Russell Root, Gretchen Sechrist, Christine Walls, William Ziegler

Ten Years of Service

Fifteen Years:  Denise Davey, Jeanne Kagle, Jamie Klesh, Connie Marriner, Christine Moulton, Jenny Zeafla

Fifteen Years of Service

Twenty Years:  Richard Alexander, Frank Chua, Andrew Gaskievicz, Christine Gitchell, Denise Hopkins, Michael Kutz, Cathy Martin, John Maslar, Michael McClure, Alexander Miller, Michael Wilson, Sylvia Yamashita, Sue Young

Twenty Years of Service

Twenty-five years:  Catherine D’Ortona, Donna Miner, Carmen Wood

Twenty-five years of Service

Thirty years: Andrea Harris, Susan Laib, Laurie Zaparzynski

Thirty Years of Service

Thirty-five years: Gopalan Kutty

Thirty-Five Years of Service

Employees who have retired or officially announced they will retire: Pamela Boyce, Terrance Day, Charles Ertel-Hoy, Ebrahim Ghods, Howard Iseri, Kevin Jackson, Jacquelyn Johnson, Keith Johnson, Mary Beth Kollar, Bonnie Kutbay, Martha Whitehouse

Also at the recognition event, Dusty Zeyn, Director of Student Living & Community Programs, was named Employee of the Year. Dusty is also an active member of the University Red & Black Committee.

Employee of the Year Dusty Zeyn and Interim President Peter Fackler

Her nomination stated that “she steps up continually to do whatever is necessary to make MU a better place for students and employees.  She is often pegged to help with event setups because her creativity shines.  She recently coordinated a Student Services Fair inviting representatives from across campus to share the many different types of assistance that are available to our students.  Dusty wears her heart on her sleeve and is passionate in her works goals.  She does all this never seeking recognition.” 

Amy DeLozier, Director, Kelchner Fitness Center, and Jim Welch, Environmental Health & Safety Director were also finalists for the award.

Police Services and Safety received the Spotlight Award, which is given annually to a department that exemplifies the four facets of the Mansfield Creed: Character, Scholarship, Culture, and Service. The winner was decided after a campus-wide nomination process.

Spotlight Award winners Police Services and Safety

“The collaboration and service from this department have greatly improved and there is an overall sense of community policing taking place.  Recently the new and significant initiative of the Public Safety Training Institute has absolutely taken off and is the regional training center for public safety professionals.  This is getting more people on our campus every day, increasing our visibility and revenue.  The employees have collaborated with many across campus to create new policies and work to find ways to better serve,” were some of the reason and comments included in the nomination. “It’s evident that student success is very important to this group.  They work with the students when they find themselves in difficult situations by not always charging them but providing alternatives when appropriate.  Time and time again, the officers approach a variety of situations and provide professional assistance.  The bottom line is ….we call and they come.”

The Deans’ Award for Outstanding Teaching was presented to Dr. Brad Lint, professor of English and World Languages.

Outstanding Teacher Dr. Brad Lint and Dean Sr. Josh Battin

Gretchen Sechrist, chair of the Psychology Department, was honored with the Deans’ Award for Outstanding Academic Advising.

Outstanding Academic Advisor Gretchen Sechrist and Dean Dr. Kathy Wright

The Service Recognition program was facilitated by the Red and Black Committee and the Human Resources Department.