Mansfield University Nursing Program and Police Academy conduct first-of-its-kind assailant simulation

MANSFIELD, Pa. – The Mansfield University Nursing program and Municipal Police Academy conducted a first-of-its-kind assailant simulation to provide practical experience for students and cadets in an active shooter scenario.

The simulation was held on campus at Laurel Hall, a retired and unoccupied dorm, with the scene set as a personal care home visited by a disgruntled family member who becomes an active shooter. 26 nursing students and 18 Police Academy cadets were split between two runs of the scenario. An experienced law enforcement officer played the role of the disgruntled visitor.

“The medical community and the law enforcement community work a lot together” explained Director of Police Services & Safety Scott Henry. “The need for collaboration, the need to learn from the training process is even greater than from when I started.”

Cadets responded and deescalated the active shooter threat while nursing students came to the aid of “injured” actors during the scenario. When not participating in the scenario, students and cadets played the role of actors in the simulation.

Campus Police & Safety, and Mansfield EMS, were also involved in the simulation.

“I think that they did well” said Susan Lanzara, chairperson of the Health Sciences Department. “It was a very good learning experience for them.”

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