Governor Wolf highlights Mansfield University student during Budget Address

(L-R) Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Mansfield University student Jacob Foil-Charles, and Mansfield University President Dr. Charles Patterson prior to the Governor’s Budget Address.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf highlighted the story of Mansfield University student Jacob Foil-Charles during his 2020-21 Budget Address before the General Assembly on Tuesday.

Foil-Charles and Mansfield University President, Dr. Charles Patterson, were invited by Gov. Wolf to attend the Budget Address in the House of Representatives Chamber in the Pennsylvania State Capitol followed by lunch at the Governor’s Residence.

“I believe in the potential of our people. And if you ever find yourself doubting that potential, just talk with students at one of our colleges and universities, like Jacob Foil-Charles,” Wolf stated during his address as he turned toward the Wellsboro, Pa. native while the chamber applauded.

Gov. Wolf described how Jacob was a double-major in biology and music, an orientation team leader, and an accomplished singer and performer before turning to him again asking lightheartedly “Jacob, do you ever sleep?” The Governor then explained how making college more affordable for students like Jacob would benefit the Commonwealth, the economy, and local communities.

During his address, Gov. Wolf proposed the $204 million Nellie Bly Tuition program for full-time students attending the 14 universities that make up the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE). The scholarship would assist students in paying costs not covered by financial aid.

“We all have a stake in the success of young Pennsylvanians like Jacob” Wolf continued. “Let’s give them every opportunity to fulfill that potential.”

When asked about the experience, Foil-Charles said “it was an honor to represent Mansfield University at the Governor’s address, not just as a student, but as someone who knows the challenge of paying for higher education.”

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